Dr. Shafik Sachedina: A Valuable Asset To The UK’s Ismaili Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon who has been practicing in the United Kingdom for many years. A native of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Dr. Sachedina earned his degree in dental surgery from the University of London’s Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975. Since that time he has developed a track record as a highly skilled, caring, dental professional able to handle even the most complex dental problems. In addition to his work in dentistry, since 1998 Dr. Shafik Sachedina has also been co-chairman of the award-winning health services company Sussex Healthcare.

Since Dr. Sachedina has been involved with Sussex Healthcare, the company has grown significantly. It now runs 20 care homes where they provide personalized care for the elderly and people with mental and physical challenges. Sussex Healthcare also treats people with neurological disorders, autism and acquired brain injuries, as well as elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The facilities are known for their ‘home away for home’ atmosphere and their use of the latest, most innovative technologies and treatment modalities that lead to a better quality of life for their patients.

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Within the United Kingdom’s Ismaili community Dr. Shafik Sachedina plays a number of very important roles. He coordinates the programs and activities of institutions of Ismaili community in their 16 main areas. At the Aiglemont, France based Secretariat of Aga Khan, Dr. Sachedina is the Department of Jamati Institutions head. He is also responsible for helping the Central Asia based Ismaili communities connect to the institutions and programs of the Aga Khan Development Network.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has also held a number of very prominent positions in the Ismaili organizations for the Ismaili community and Imamat in the United Kingdom. That includes serving as the United Kingdom’s Ismaili Council’s president for two consecutive terms. He’s also a member of both the Ismaili Leaders International Forum and the Aga Khan Development Network Committee. Plus, Dr. Sachedina is also the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee chairman. In accordance with the Ismaili community’s long-standing tradition, all the work Dr. Shafik Sachedina does for the Jamati Institutions and Aga Khan is done on a volunteer basis.

After having lived in England for over 45 years, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is now considered a British national. He continues to garner wide praise for his exemplary work in dental surgery and the high quality of the services offered by Sussex Healthcare.

Doe Deere and her Success with Lime Crime

Other than being the “unicorn queen” of the makeup industry, Doe Deere is a woman of many talents. She was born in Russia, but moved to New York at the age of seventeen. In New York, she studied fashion and design, and even launched her own clothing line called, “Lime Crime.” She was also in a band in New York, and this is also where she met her husband. She always had a strong desire for entrepreneurship.


Then, in 2008, she launched her own makeup brand called, “Lime Crime.” She operates her business currently in Los Angeles, California. Her makeup line is cruelty free, and vegan. It is also based on creativity and bold and vibrant colored products. Lime Crime features, matte lipstick, chrome lipstick, loose pigments, eye shadow pallets, rainbow colored liquid liners, glittery lip gloss, nail polish, semi-permanent hair dye, and so much more.


Doe used to create her own clothing line called ‘Lime Crime,’ and she had the idea to create makeup that would match her outfits. She couldn’t find the right bright or bold colored makeup, so she started to make them. Doe always had a love for makeup and fairytales, so she put them together, and created makeup that was fun and able for everyone to love. Doe chose a unicorn to be Lime Crimes mascot in order to represent rare beauty and equality to all creatures.


She launched the makeup line in 2008, and in order to promote her products, she created makeup tutorials using her own makeup. She also held contests for giveaways, and her sales really started to pick up. Then, by 2009, the rest was history. Lime Crime now has over three million followers on Instagram and people all over the world love the unique vibrant colored products.


Doe is very serious about her products and her customers. She wants to create products that makes everyone happy. This is why she creates several different colors from nude to bold colors. She aspires to create products for everyone to enjoy. She tries out all of her products before she launches them, and if she wouldn’t wear them, then she won’t launch them.


Doe always chooses themes to he products based on fantasies, and strange mythical creatures. Doe is up for trying new things in the future. She is into chasing new dreams and fantasies.


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Campaign Reform Group End Citizens United Is Keen On Flipping Pennsylvania’s 18th District For Dems

     Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District occupies a southwest chunk of the state that has been solid Republican territory for decades. Hillary Clinton pulled a dismal 38% of the vote here in the 2016 presidential race.

But Democrats are suddenly feeling good about their chances to flip this seat in a March 13 special election. For one thing, the seat was vacated by scandal. Republican Congressman Tim Murphy resigned in disgrace after an extramarital affair that came with a lot of additional sleazy details.

Another reason for optimism is the candidate the Democrats are running – the young and telegenic Conor Lamb, a former Marine officer and Assistant U.S. Attorney with an impressive record of public service and policy achievements.

His opponent is a decidedly hackneyed politician. He’s a Pennsylvania state lawmaker Rep. Rick Saccone, an ultraconservative Trump supporter backed by truck loads of out-of-state campaign cash. Since the election, Trump’s popularity has plunged in the 18th.

Now Conor Lamb is getting an even bigger shot in the arm from a big-ticket national political action committee called End Citizens United. The group is fresh off a major victory in the Alabama U.S. Senate race that pitted Trump Republican Roy Moore against Democrat Doug Jones. Jones won in a state where many believed it was impossible for any Democrat to prevail.

End Citizens United is backing Lamb because he strongly supports the PAC’s goal of getting big money out of politics. The group formed in 2015. It took its name from the now infamous 2010 Supreme Court decision known as the Citizens United ruling. What the conservative-dominated Supreme Court did was basically open the floodgates to unlimited amounts of “dark money” to flow into our election system.

End Citizens United has a long-term goal of overturning the Supreme Court decision which determined that a corporation was the same as a “person” and that free speech is the equivalent of “money.” The corrupting influence of billions in corporate cash has brought devastating result to fair and free elections in America. More and more, the average voter is being disenfranchised because billionaires and corporations can essentially “buy” any candidate they want.

Taking back the U.S. House from Republicans is an absolutely critical step toward End Citizen United’s goal of passing an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would negate the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling. Electing Conor Lamb to Pennsylvania’s 18th District would be a key pick-up for Democrats.

You may also read https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/ for more.


Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport may be one of the smallest airports in the area, but it is also one of the busiest. Passengers can fly from Apia to Pago Pago or Tonga during the day, while other airports handle evening flights. It is one of only five international ports of entry into Samoa.
Arrivals will find a small gift shop, food and drink, and taxis or buses to take them to Apia. There is also a larger shopping facility across the street. Tourists can find a wide assortment of things to do near Fagali’i Airport. There are eco-tours, yoga tours, diving excursions, museums, an aquarium, beaches, shopping, and fine dining within ten miles. There are several nice hotels, inns, and cottages in the area as well.

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The Fagali’i Airport is a public airport owned by the Samoan government and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. It is managed by Polynesian Air, which is also owned by the Samoan government. It is located in Fagali’i which is near Apia, the largest city of Samoa. It was once a grass-only airstrip but was paved and re-opened in July 2002. The Samoan government closed it again in July 2005 due to concerns over safety and noise.
Following renovations to the runway, Polynesian Air reopened the airport in late 2008. Renovations to the terminal were completed in 2009 according to tripadvisor.com. Though they had taken precautions to ensure the safety of the environment and community, there remained controversy from the locals. Though the runway is now paved, it is still very short (1798 feet) compared to standard airports (13k+ feet). Only four airlines land commercial flights there, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, Talofa Airways and Polynesian Airlines due to this. Small aircraft with a wingspan less than 20 meters (65’7″) can land here, as well as helicopters. The IATA abbreviation for Fagali’i Airways is FGI.
Travel to the South Pacific continues to improve. In 2014, Fagali’i Airport opened a new VIP lounge. It was used for delegates arriving for the 2014 Small Island Developing States conference. The $60,000 facility is part of their initiative for improving passenger services.

Learn more about Fagali’i Airport: https://www.world-airport-codes.com/samoa/fagali-i-312.html

The World Famous Architectural Organization- The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA)is an organization that has been in existence since 1857 in the United States. The firm was founded by a team of 13 architects for the architectural profession and licensure of the architects. The professional organization was founded in Newyork and was first registered under the name ‘New York Society of Architects’. The name was later changed to its current name AIA in the same year they formed their constitution and bylaws on March 10, 1857. The firm is currently headed by Robert Ivy who is the CEO.

Moreover, AIA is the leading organization in professional membership for licensed architects upcoming professionals, and associated partners. It was the first organization to premiere in the development of professional association for competent and acknowledged architects. Its current headquarter is the Washington DC where it has an approximate of 200 employees and 300 chapters. Further, the organization serves its members through information, advocacy, and community. Some of the responsibilities of the AIA are as follows;

  1. Licencing qualified architects
  2. Setting the industry standards used as a basis for contract documents.
  3. Providing knowledge on which web resources to use from emerging architecture
  4. Providing the market researched factors and analysis that may affect the architecture business
  5. Holding annual AIA conferences on Architecture
  6. Hosting award ship programs to promote architecture design excellence


The CEO of American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy was elected as the new CEO and executive vice president on February 1, 2011. Mr. Ivy was chosen by the board of the AIA as the most competent leader of the institution because of his architectural profession background in writing. Robert is an award-winning editor who formally worked with Architectural Record since 1996. He is best known for his journals of architecture including design and construction which earned him recognition globally. Again, he was the vice president and editorial director of McGraw- Hill Constructions. Equally important, Robert Ivy was a principal with Ivy Architects for 14 years.

Furthermore, Robert Ivy had been a committed member of AIA for many years since the 1990s where he served as one of the board of directors. With Robert as the leader, he is in charge of managing a total of 206 employees and a $56 million budget. Also, Robert being well vast with the architecture sector, he directs organizational focuses on enhancing the voice of AIA and collaborates with over 300 chapters to support AIA members globally.

Enterprising Entrepreneur Todd Lubbar’s Rise to Power

Businessman and investor Arthur Becker sat down for an interview recently with Inspirery. Arthur Becker the CEO and chairman of Zinio was interviewed about his business success through investments he has made in real estate property. Arthur was married to Vera Wang for 23 years, and learned a great deal from Vera Wang Fashion Company and was thereby inspired to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

Arthur renovates townhomes before leasing or selling them to make back his investment. He had almost immediate success when starting out since his name was well known already. His main advice for anyone starting out is to have a great marketing strategy. He suggests using billboards, business cards, and shirts. Anything that gets your name out there.

Another key factor for Arthur Becker was coming into the market at the right time. It seems the old adage that timing is everything is true. The rest is hard work and focus. Arthur points out “without hard work and focus you can’t expect to go anywhere.” Inspirery also spoke to successful business entrepreneur Todd Lubar about his business suave in the real estate industry.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a BA in Speech Communication, Todd Lubbar’s first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corp, where he applied his skills for several years before moving on to Legacy Financial Group in 1999. Legacy Financial Group gave him the opportunity to broker loans with outside investors. You can visit Medium to see more.

Todd Lubar followed this up by opening up Legendary Properties, LLC a residential development company in 2002. As an established businessman in the real estate industry, Todd produced a profit on over 200 transactions ranging from single family dwellings to twenty unit multi-family properties. While Todd Lubar has had a hand in real estate, Todd has also owned companies in the nightclub and demolition industry. This ambitious and successful entrepreneur is also the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. The old cliche the sky’s the limit seems true for businessman Todd Lubbar.

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Sentient AI – Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

Because of so much competition in the online store space, you need to be sure that your online store has the best chance of building a customer base and the best chance to retain customers. With so many other stores in the space, it is very easy for your customers to stop going to your online store and instead put their hard earned money into other stores services and products. That is why you need to be sure that you have an edge, but not many business owners know what this edge can be for their business. That is where sentient AI comes in. This type of AI can do many things for an online store such as conversion rate optimization and build a design that is sure to bring in customers, but one great thing it can do that many people do not think about is actually building recommendation engines on your website that can recommend products based on the data of your customers, and what they have bought in the past from your online store. This can really bring in new profit for your business that would otherwise not be there and will build your customer base so that you can that profit in the future as well.

Sentient AI will look through your customer’s data and buy habits, such as what style they buy, how much money they on average spend, and what brands they like, and then use that information to build recommendations in a search engine for your website. This is great, because of having your customers scroll through your website and looking for products that they want, they can automatically be recommended products that they like. For example, if you owned an online clothes store, the search engine will recommend products that they will like based on color, style, size, and other characters. This can really have a boost on your revenue and an edge against the competition. Because of the low entry barriers to creating online stores, you need to make sure that your customers come back to your online store and not the competition.

A great thing about sentient AI is that it is your worker that does not require a paycheck, and does not need time off. Allow this exciting new technology to build your business and to build your customer base. With sentient AI, you will be gaining a trusted technology.

Joel Friant Says Software Was Crucial In Marketing The Habanero Shaker

Many people have been longing to know the secrets that successful market enthusiast and entrepreneur Joel Friant used to promote his new brand, The Habanero Shaker. Recently, he revealed during an interview that although there are many things that has done, software was at the center of everything,. He recounted how he cannot do without Skype and OUtlook Calendar. In addition to that, he revealed that Facebook marketing was key to his success.

An eye opener

This was an eye opener to upcoming entrepreneurs that would like to emulate Joel. Most of them thought there was something out of the ordinary that was used. However, as he went ahead to explain, it is about the way you do it, not what you do. Even though he has been using software and other web services that are accessible by all, there are unique ways through which he has been doing it. One of them is by coming up with a working schedule that is tailored to his businesses.

Facing big challenges

Another thing that upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from Joel Friant is the need to avoid procrastination especially when it comes to the bigger challenges. He noted in that interview that while most people would rather handle the easier tasks first, he makes it a priority to complete the most complex ones. This is what he does first when he gets to the office in the morning. According to him, the advantage is that when you get to a point where you have to push some of tasks forward, you already will have done the most important part.

Joel Friant wants those who follow him to know that developing a brand is a continuous process, and ideas will keep coming in. No matter the situation you are in, whether you are riding a bike or relaxing in the backyard, you should always record the ideas that cross your mind for later reference.

Read more on Joel Friant: https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2g5p9i/joel-friant

AvaTrade Review: The Comprehensive Platform for Forex Trading

The Dublin-based forex broker, AvaTrade is known for making a difference in delivering the services to the traders. In many regards, it is one of the best platforms for forex and CFD trading for both new as well as seasoned traders. Forex trading is considered to be one of the most complex financial choices of investments considering numerous factors. People should be familiar with the differences of time zones, the general trend of each currency, potential factors of slump and surge, strategies to be adopted in the trading, economic conditions of the country the currency associated with, and other external factors.

However, compared to stocks, commodity, and other financial options, forex trading is less risky and chances of steady returns. AvaTrade understands the complex needs of the traders and helps them in every aspect of trading. Through the interactive platform, market analysis, educational options, guides to help the trades easier, and investor tools, AvaTrade helps the traders to make informed decisions for ensuring higher profits. People who expect a tool enabled with a bot to make automated trades, this is not their platform. However, AvaTrade provides all the necessary information and resources for highly profitable trades, and the choice is with the traders.

For novice traders, they get the help of industry experts if they make any mistakes in the trades. Interestingly, this option is included with the subscription of AvaTrade to protect the new traders from the initial losses. The educational tools and additional features like live currency conversion rate, time zones, and more make the initial transition smooth and simple. It is also helping the experienced traders by connecting with industry experts, strategies on new currencies, and more.

AvaTrade was established in the year 2006, and it has offices in Tokyo, Milan, New York, and Sydney, apart from Dublin corporate office. Apart from forex trading, the broker also gives options to trade in commodities, indices, stocks, and more.

AvaTrade is a highly regulated broker in each market and one of the most trusted platform. In Europe, Central Bank of Ireland regulates the broker, and MiFID gave license. AISC regulates it in Australia, and in Japan, it is taken care by the Financial Services Commission.

The Oxford Club Sees Big Things In Cryptocurrency

If there’s one thing you can always rely on, it’s the solid advice of the Oxford Club. They are an elite investor group determined to give people in need of advice everything they’ll want in order to succeed. People have relied on the Oxford Club because they’re ability to help people make good choices is easy to see. Their advice is some of the best out there regardless of whether you’re talking about retirement or the stock market. It’s no wonder so many people decide to use the Oxford Club whenever they can in order to give themselves an advantage.

Wealthyretirement.com is the retirement advice branch of the Oxford Club. They want to help people better prepare for one of the most important times in the history of their lives by making it obvious there are ways to make your old years the best time of your life with careful planning. All you need is to look at what they are trying to trend towards and give it a try yourself. People are rarely disappointed with what they receive from the Oxford Club and often receive tips they could’ve never had elsewhere. No wonder there are so many following them.

Their recent advice has centered around Bitcoins. Bitcoins are some of the best investments currently available to anyone looking to enhance their retirement. They’re a form of cryptocurrency currently being invested in by some of the biggest names in private capital. Needless to say you’ll want to have some of this action for yourself. A Bitcoin today is worth roughly %20 grand, but the value is going to go up so much more in the future. This is an opportunity on par with gold mines and diamonds. The Oxford Club is just here to give people the best chance of cashing in.