Hussain Sajwani is a Successful Businessman

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman as well as the founder of Global Property Development (DAMAC Properties). In the 1990’s Hussain build a number of hotels to accomodate business travelers who were interested in doing business as well as trade.

Hussain also has great knowledge of global equity and capital markets. Hussain Sajwani attended and Graduated from the University of Washington. After graduating from college Hussain started a career as an contracts manager in GASCO.

His experience as a contract manager enabled him to eventually start his own business. In the early 1980’s Hussian started his catering business. The catering business turned out to be quite successful.

The catering business serves 150,000 meals on a daily basis to army camps, educational institutions, well known hotels and other organizations. It does appear that through Hussain’s hard work and ambition he has become a successful and well known businessman.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties has grown to be one of the largest and most successful property development companies within the Middle East. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

DAMAC is a publicly listed company with over 1500 regular employees. In addition, the company has become one of the most recognized luxury property development establishments.

DAMAC has also become involved in business related projects that involve famous sports figures such as Tiger Woods. In addition, DAMAC has also worked with the Trump Organization as well as Donald Trump now the president of the United States.

The DAMAC project involved working with Tiger Woods who designed a new golf course which was managed by the Trump Organization. This project ultimately began by teaming up with fashion and lifestyle brands to bring new and interesting concepts of living to the marketplace.

The year 2011 was very important for DAMAC due to the fact that they launched their new hospitality division. Once this was done it make DAMAC one of the largest and most successful hotel and apartment operators within the entire region.

Hussain is involved in a variety of charitable causes. Hussian believes in giving back especially to the less fortunate. Hussian is a family man with a wife and four children. It appears that family life is as equally important to Hussain. Business is of course at the top of Hussain’s list but family means the world to him also.

Lori Senecal to Leave MDC Partners and the CP+B Agency

According to Salary, Lori Senecal recently announced that she would be leaving her role as the Chief Executive Officer of the MDC Partners highly regarded CP+B Agency at the end of this year. Senecal had earlier served as President and CEO of MDC Partners Network. The soft-spoken and steely-eyed executive has given no clues as to what she would be doing in 2018. You can visit Business profile to know more.

Senecal was influential in bringing American Airlines into the CP+B family. This new account that had been in the hands of a competitor for 25 years was a major achievement in the career of Senecal. She was honored by Advertising Age’s as one of the women to watch in 2014. In 2013 Senecal received the AWNY Quantum Leap Award given to her for her dedication to leadership and innovation. She recently spoke at the 3% conference.

In an article on The Drum, the advertising world is hugely competitive and agency representative’s experience fairly short stays at each agency. If an ad sales rep brings new customers as well as accommodating clients, that representative will have success and be able to climb the ladder of success. In any creative profession, executives must encourage staff to find a creative edge and to thoughtfully handle the needs and requests of clients. Any creative endeavor must be urged on by equal amounts of encouragement and helpful suggestions from the executives. While Senecal did not want the limelight and felt she was a poor public speaker, she has an insight into the creative mind and will continue in the advertising field for the foreseeable future.

Lori Senecal will leave MDC Partners and the CP+B Agency in a stronger condition than when she joined. Her colleagues will have benefitted from her sensibilities and calm demeanor even when she is no longer a presence at the firm. This dynamic, young, educated woman will find whatever she seeks in the near future. Read the entire ADWEEK article here.

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The OSI Group Knows Food Business With President David McDonald

While the name may sound familiar, there are even more similarities between David McDonald and the extremely popular fast food chain. David is the president of the OSI Group. This is a food company that has worked with many big name companies to provide them with all of the food that they need.

The OSI Group was even responsible for the majority of the meat products and a few other things at the Beijing Olympics. It is a company that has worked hard to get where they are at and one that continues to grow thanks to the commitment that they have toward making food better for people who are in different areas. David McDonald President of OSI and the Group, they do what they can to provide delicious and sustainable options for people around the world and at home. This has allowed them to grow and the businesses that they work with to also grow since they have started out.

For the OSI Group, providing food to places like McDonald’s and Starbucks is just something that they have always wanted to do. They are a great food supplier and they have worked with very large businesses around the globe. Now that they have been in China for over 20 years, they are able to make the right type of choices for the food that they are providing people with. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are getting the best price on the highest quality of food possible for everyone to be able to enjoy.

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Thanks to the options that are listed with the OSI Group, people now know what they are capable of getting from the company. David McDonald OSI Group has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way and that they are going to be able to get more out of the options that are available to them. The OSI Group started out very small but has since become a much bigger company that has more to offer everyone who is a part of it with the food purchasing options that they have available to their business.

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The Dissection of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo T. Chua is a man who traces his rich family background in the Philippines. Besides, he is one individual that has dominated multi-level marketing for more than a decade and experienced a lot of success in the process. Bernardo is not only proficient in Filipino but also in the English language.

To this end, he has had the advantage of getting employment opportunities in Gano Excel Philippines, Gano Excel International, and Gano Excel USA. Apart from helping create Gano Excel Philippines, he has also been instrumental in the founding of Organo Gold, a company that he works in as the Chief Executive Officer.

In a nine-year time frame, Chua has been able to create a robust brand out of Organo Gold. His excellent management, marketing, and networking skills are what have facilitated Bernardo’s success in multi-level marketing.

Other skills under Chua’s sleeves include product development, strategic planning, leadership development, business planning, and competitive analysis just to mention but a few. Of his many accomplishments, his initial success has come about in Organo Gold. It is only recently that the company expanded its reach to Turkey, a sign that it has a proper management structure.

Due to his exemplary work, Bernardo Chua has also been able to be rewarded in equal measure. It is in 2015 that he and his team got five awards while in the Philippines.

PR Newswire has it that Bernardo Chua received an honorary award as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur due to his unmatched managerial streak. Also, he has been able through the years to inspire young people in the Philippines to build successful lives.

Besides, Bernardo Chua specializes in products much able to boost human health. Organo Gold produces a coffee brand that has the potential to nurture people’s health.

Thus, many people in Turkey prefer to use items coming from Organo Gold as opposed to those from other institutions. Organo Gold boasts of high sales since it specializes in the sale of goods on a wholesale basis. Also, the company can reach more clients since it has recruited people from all over the world to sell its items.

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Bruce Levenson Selling Hawks Will Impact The Market

This sale of NBA team Hawks by Bruce Levenson, its co-owner is going to be viewed positively by the market.

It was in 2004 that Bruce Levenson, Gearon along with other investors purchased the Hawks, as well as NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers along with operating rights to Philips Arena. They had paid $250 million for it. In 2011, they sold the Thrashers. This deal was settled for $170 million. This is when the Thrashers relocated and moved to Winnipeg.

In fact, Ressler was keen to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. He did make an offer a year back. His group was not keen to go as high since Steve Ballmer was asking for $2 billion.

This was when Ressler decided to move quickly once the Junior Bridgeman-Grant Hill group could not complete this process. This was when Hill decided to get involved, and hence he joined the Ressler’s group.

Bruce Levenson ( has already announced that he would be selling off his share of Hawks. This will be done in September. There can be many reasons for this.

It was in January that Michael Gearon Jr. announced that he would be selling off his share of the Hawks. He is a significant part of the Hawks ownership group.

Right now Danny Ferry has gone to Duke. Presently he has taken an indefinite leave of absence. He is yet to return to his team, but he would like to retain his job.

The Hawks have already won 60 games which are a franchise-record. They are presently the top seed in East. Still, it is expected that they will lose money in this season. But the local, as well as national TV deals from ESPN, can help the franchise in improving its financial condition. Next are the sponsorship from the Fortune 500 companies in this area.


Positive Feedback Displays Securus Excellence

Securus Technology is a firm that deals with criminal investigations, monitoring and correction, the safety of the public and also it provides resolutions public and unlawful justice using technology. Its chairman who is also the CEO, Richard A. Smith stated that each week, the company had to come up with creation or service that may help to prevent or even solve injustices in the society.


According to Smith, the company gets the ideas on how to maintain security from the numerous feedback letters they get from the public. He continues to say that they are committed to protect and serve as it is their honor. Conversations among the public are checked so as to see if there is a form of injustices which vary to a great extend like drug trafficking to threats.


Richard continues to state that for the past ten years their competency is due to the solutions which are offered by the Securus Company. The company is grateful to the public for their contribution which the chairman says if help improves their investigations and also their cells security.


He also said that covert alert feature which together with the aid of the public, it will be easier to apprehend criminals. He talked about LBS software which is used alongside with other resources for enforcing the law. He notifies the public that the software, when utilized by the Sheriff’s Department, has been able to recover assets which are worth millions of money.


The company has invited the public, investors and also competitors to look into their Technology Center which is based in Dallas, Texas so as to check out what solutions they have to offer to conquer crimes.


The company’s head base is located in Dallas and currently, serves more than 3000 people. It has corrections and law enforcement agencies and also over a million inmates. The firm has its heart to help the public to keep the safe because it has its focus only on linking what matters.