In 2015, Daniel Taub left the UK for Israel after many years of stay in the United Kingdom, where he served as an ambassador to Israel. He was born in the UK in 1962 where he was raised and attended school.

He attended University College at Oxford, Harvard University and University College, London. Daniel has a special love for Israel, and in 1989, he moved to Israel where he served in various capacities including the Israel Defence Forces. For a long time, he was a combat medic and a reserve officer in the international law division.

He became the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom in the year 2011 to 2015. During the period he served as an ambassador, Daniel has had many experiences. His stay in the United Kingdom has not eroded his beliefs, and he remains a committed Orthodox Jew.

It was evident to all who interacted with him during his stay in the United Kingdom. Even when he went to meet the queen to present his credentials, Daniel was proud of his Jewish association, in his kippah. He was also confident enough to ask the Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps whether he could recite a blessing upon meeting the queen.

According to Daniel, being an orthodox Jew in the United Kingdom has not brought any notable challenges. He has always seen faith as a tool that can be used to bridge between communities. He saw a chance to bring two countries closer together.

Of going back to Israel, Daniel feels privileged having raised his children in their historic land. Having appreciated that the work of a diplomat is usually for a short time, Daniel has come to terms with the fact that time has come for him to leave the United Kingdom.

His experience as a diplomat has been rich with experiences. He has often represented the interests of Israel to the government and has appeared on various media programmes.

With all that he has done as a diplomat, he leaves confident that the relations between the two countries are as good as they can ever be. He made it easier to carry on his work as a diplomat by taking the perspective of explaining to people about the Israeli leadership and where the Israel people are.

He recognizes the cooperation his country has received especially during trying moments and crises like Gaza and Isis. He appreciates the volatile situation in the Middle East and adds that Israel has to focus on what is essential to it while seeking to influence things for the better.

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