Campaign Reform Group End Citizens United Is Keen On Flipping Pennsylvania’s 18th District For Dems

     Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District occupies a southwest chunk of the state that has been solid Republican territory for decades. Hillary Clinton pulled a dismal 38% of the vote here in the 2016 presidential race.

But Democrats are suddenly feeling good about their chances to flip this seat in a March 13 special election. For one thing, the seat was vacated by scandal. Republican Congressman Tim Murphy resigned in disgrace after an extramarital affair that came with a lot of additional sleazy details.

Another reason for optimism is the candidate the Democrats are running – the young and telegenic Conor Lamb, a former Marine officer and Assistant U.S. Attorney with an impressive record of public service and policy achievements.

His opponent is a decidedly hackneyed politician. He’s a Pennsylvania state lawmaker Rep. Rick Saccone, an ultraconservative Trump supporter backed by truck loads of out-of-state campaign cash. Since the election, Trump’s popularity has plunged in the 18th.

Now Conor Lamb is getting an even bigger shot in the arm from a big-ticket national political action committee called End Citizens United. The group is fresh off a major victory in the Alabama U.S. Senate race that pitted Trump Republican Roy Moore against Democrat Doug Jones. Jones won in a state where many believed it was impossible for any Democrat to prevail.

End Citizens United is backing Lamb because he strongly supports the PAC’s goal of getting big money out of politics. The group formed in 2015. It took its name from the now infamous 2010 Supreme Court decision known as the Citizens United ruling. What the conservative-dominated Supreme Court did was basically open the floodgates to unlimited amounts of “dark money” to flow into our election system.

End Citizens United has a long-term goal of overturning the Supreme Court decision which determined that a corporation was the same as a “person” and that free speech is the equivalent of “money.” The corrupting influence of billions in corporate cash has brought devastating result to fair and free elections in America. More and more, the average voter is being disenfranchised because billionaires and corporations can essentially “buy” any candidate they want.

Taking back the U.S. House from Republicans is an absolutely critical step toward End Citizen United’s goal of passing an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would negate the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling. Electing Conor Lamb to Pennsylvania’s 18th District would be a key pick-up for Democrats.

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Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport may be one of the smallest airports in the area, but it is also one of the busiest. Passengers can fly from Apia to Pago Pago or Tonga during the day, while other airports handle evening flights. It is one of only five international ports of entry into Samoa.
Arrivals will find a small gift shop, food and drink, and taxis or buses to take them to Apia. There is also a larger shopping facility across the street. Tourists can find a wide assortment of things to do near Fagali’i Airport. There are eco-tours, yoga tours, diving excursions, museums, an aquarium, beaches, shopping, and fine dining within ten miles. There are several nice hotels, inns, and cottages in the area as well.

The Fagali’i Airport is a public airport owned by the Samoan government and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. It is managed by Polynesian Air, which is also owned by the Samoan government. It is located in Fagali’i which is near Apia, the largest city of Samoa. It was once a grass-only airstrip but was paved and re-opened in July 2002. The Samoan government closed it again in July 2005 due to concerns over safety and noise.
Following renovations to the runway, Polynesian Air reopened the airport in late 2008. Renovations to the terminal were completed in 2009 according to Though they had taken precautions to ensure the safety of the environment and community, there remained controversy from the locals. Though the runway is now paved, it is still very short (1798 feet) compared to standard airports (13k+ feet). Only four airlines land commercial flights there, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, Talofa Airways and Polynesian Airlines due to this. Small aircraft with a wingspan less than 20 meters (65’7″) can land here, as well as helicopters. The IATA abbreviation for Fagali’i Airways is FGI.
Travel to the South Pacific continues to improve. In 2014, Fagali’i Airport opened a new VIP lounge. It was used for delegates arriving for the 2014 Small Island Developing States conference. The $60,000 facility is part of their initiative for improving passenger services.

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The World Famous Architectural Organization- The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA)is an organization that has been in existence since 1857 in the United States. The firm was founded by a team of 13 architects for the architectural profession and licensure of the architects. The professional organization was founded in Newyork and was first registered under the name ‘New York Society of Architects’. The name was later changed to its current name AIA in the same year they formed their constitution and bylaws on March 10, 1857. The firm is currently headed by Robert Ivy who is the CEO.

Moreover, AIA is the leading organization in professional membership for licensed architects upcoming professionals, and associated partners. It was the first organization to premiere in the development of professional association for competent and acknowledged architects. Its current headquarter is the Washington DC where it has an approximate of 200 employees and 300 chapters. Further, the organization serves its members through information, advocacy, and community. Some of the responsibilities of the AIA are as follows;

  1. Licencing qualified architects
  2. Setting the industry standards used as a basis for contract documents.
  3. Providing knowledge on which web resources to use from emerging architecture
  4. Providing the market researched factors and analysis that may affect the architecture business
  5. Holding annual AIA conferences on Architecture
  6. Hosting award ship programs to promote architecture design excellence


The CEO of American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy was elected as the new CEO and executive vice president on February 1, 2011. Mr. Ivy was chosen by the board of the AIA as the most competent leader of the institution because of his architectural profession background in writing. Robert is an award-winning editor who formally worked with Architectural Record since 1996. He is best known for his journals of architecture including design and construction which earned him recognition globally. Again, he was the vice president and editorial director of McGraw- Hill Constructions. Equally important, Robert Ivy was a principal with Ivy Architects for 14 years.

Furthermore, Robert Ivy had been a committed member of AIA for many years since the 1990s where he served as one of the board of directors. With Robert as the leader, he is in charge of managing a total of 206 employees and a $56 million budget. Also, Robert being well vast with the architecture sector, he directs organizational focuses on enhancing the voice of AIA and collaborates with over 300 chapters to support AIA members globally.