The World Famous Architectural Organization- The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA)is an organization that has been in existence since 1857 in the United States. The firm was founded by a team of 13 architects for the architectural profession and licensure of the architects. The professional organization was founded in Newyork and was first registered under the name ‘New York Society of Architects’. The name was later changed to its current name AIA in the same year they formed their constitution and bylaws on March 10, 1857. The firm is currently headed by Robert Ivy who is the CEO.

Moreover, AIA is the leading organization in professional membership for licensed architects upcoming professionals, and associated partners. It was the first organization to premiere in the development of professional association for competent and acknowledged architects. Its current headquarter is the Washington DC where it has an approximate of 200 employees and 300 chapters. Further, the organization serves its members through information, advocacy, and community. Some of the responsibilities of the AIA are as follows;

  1. Licencing qualified architects
  2. Setting the industry standards used as a basis for contract documents.
  3. Providing knowledge on which web resources to use from emerging architecture
  4. Providing the market researched factors and analysis that may affect the architecture business
  5. Holding annual AIA conferences on Architecture
  6. Hosting award ship programs to promote architecture design excellence


The CEO of American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy was elected as the new CEO and executive vice president on February 1, 2011. Mr. Ivy was chosen by the board of the AIA as the most competent leader of the institution because of his architectural profession background in writing. Robert is an award-winning editor who formally worked with Architectural Record since 1996. He is best known for his journals of architecture including design and construction which earned him recognition globally. Again, he was the vice president and editorial director of McGraw- Hill Constructions. Equally important, Robert Ivy was a principal with Ivy Architects for 14 years.

Furthermore, Robert Ivy had been a committed member of AIA for many years since the 1990s where he served as one of the board of directors. With Robert as the leader, he is in charge of managing a total of 206 employees and a $56 million budget. Also, Robert being well vast with the architecture sector, he directs organizational focuses on enhancing the voice of AIA and collaborates with over 300 chapters to support AIA members globally.

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