Lori Senecal Talks About How To Reach People Who Are Tired of Ads

One of the greatest challenges for advertisers is to find a way to not annoy the audience. One thing that the audience does not want is to be badgered. When they are reading content, one of the last things they want is to be interrupted in some way by an ad. One example is when one is on a page reading something and then the page suddenly changes to an ad. Another example is that the user could be reading something on the page that suddenly shifts for an ad. Either way, these are one of the ways that business owners should not get the attention of the audience. For one thing, it communicates a lack of confidence in the business.


One of the most important traits to have is confidence. Lori Senecal is an advertiser that knows how to project confidence. This is one of the reasons that she is so successful as an advertiser. She not only knows how to bring about compelling ads but also knows how to avoid interrupting and annoying the potential customers. One thing that she knows about intrusive ads is that people are less likely to respond to the ad. At the same time, one does not want to go to the other extreme and put it to where it can’t be seen. For more details visit Bloomberg.


One of the best ways that Lori Senecal gets the audience to click on an ad or watch the video ad is to put it somewhere that it can be seen without being in the way. This can get the attention of people who are reading the content, especially if the ad is relevant to the content. Afterwards, the campaign has to be very compelling in order to maximize the conversion. Lori Senecal understands that entertainment can be one of the best ways to bring about sales.



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