The Reign of The Unicorn Queen

Anyone in the beauty world who loves rainbows, unicorns and glitter has heard of Doe Deere, the brilliant and creative brain behind Lime Crime. The Russian born beauty has spent the last eight years propelling her hair, makeup and beauty product company from a small entrepreneurship into a beauty beacon that has over 3 million followers on Instagram alone. What began as an eBay store with just 12 products and some social media makeup tutorials is now a brand known nationwide for its wide variety of bold and unicorn colored lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadows, makeup brushes and hair color.


Given the high ranking title of “Unicorn Queen” in the beauty realm, Doe Deere didn’t always plan on creating her own makeup line. Lime Crime originally began as an online store for Deere’s individually designed clothing line, a project that began after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for fashion design. While modeling the clothing she noticed that she could never find the perfect shade of makeup to match the bold colors of her creations, and she set to work dreaming up and creating custom colors that matched perfectly. Soon she created a line of 12 products and set to work building the online buzz around her brand. Doe marketed the line herself at first, selling her makeup through Lime Crime’s eBay store and creating makeup tutorials on social media that walked viewers through replicating her bold looks with her products. She used giveaways and contests to pull in even more viewers. Soon her following increased and in 2008 Lime Crime entered the spotlight as an official beauty business.


Doe Deere was named a Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self-Made Magazine, and she isn’t shy about sharing her secrets to success. Her best advice for other beauty entrepreneurs and small-business owners is to listen to what co-workers and customers are telling you, because they’ll always tell you what they really think. Doe cites taking criticism in stride as a major reason she doesn’t let people who don’t like her makeup or brand get to her, and says that ensuring that all of the players on your team share your vision and dream is crucial to rising to the top.


That dream can be seen throughout the Lime Crime brand, its bold colors, glitter and unicorn themed makeup a representation of Deere’s love for fairy tales and myths. The brand’s unicorn logo represents this and Deere’s belief that the beauty of makeup is in individuality and uniqueness, as well as their dedication to standing for kindness and compassion for all animals. Lime Crime is sought after by animal lovers everywhere because of their certification as Vegan & Cruelty Free through PETA and Leaping Bunny, as well as their vow to never test any of their products on animals.


Doe Deere eventually moved from New York City to Los Angeles, where she currently resides while continuing to dream up bold new makeup colors, fun rhyming names and cruelty-free beauty brushes.


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