Victoria Doramus And Her Dream Of Caring For Animals

Everyone needs love, and care in order to achieve the full potential, and realize purpose in life. Similarly, animals need care and are lost of love. Recent statistics indicate that over 17 million animals were killed simply because they are old or sick or unwanted. The world can be cruel to animals were it not for the initiatives of professionals like Victoria who devoted their fortunes, career and initiated support to animals together with like-minded organizations.

As a crusader for animal rights Victoria Doramus has supported building community programs and partnerships all across the nation. As an advocate for animal rights Victoria Doramus aim is to raise awareness about their well-being of animals and rightful position in this world. Animal also have legal rights and deserve to be loved regardless of the background. The programs reduce animal cruelty and ensure that their basic rights.

This has been the dream of Victoria Doramus for dedicating her professional input to charity and giving back to the community. She believes that wherever you live, you can engage in helping animals. She is currently working with Best Friends Animal Society, a charity focused on protecting the rights of animals Local Animal Shelter in NY. The dream of the organization is that one-day animal killings will end America’s animal shelters. Victoria has personally given donations towards helping tens of thousands of animals at the sanctuary and through supporting animal rescue programs all across the country.

Victoria Doramus graduated with a BA in Journalism and communication for the University of Colorado – Boulder and pursued a career in marketing. She has focused on advertising and branding for reputable companies including MindShare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency and Trendera just to name a few. Additionally, she currently works as a director of philanthropy. She is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. That’s the reason why she dedicates her time to several charities including the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and the Women’s Prison Association.

Victoria Doramus is an innovative and creative person who champion the animal rights evidenced by their work experience and professional history.


Are Freedom Checks Worth Looking Into?

Speculation exists that the oil and natural gas industry may experience positive financial news. A July 2018 report from CNBC noted oil prices are “surging.” Appearing in the press next to CNBC’s announcement, Bloomberg reported that global natural gas prices rose for the first time in two years. While no one knows if prices continue to rise, would-be investors do look at such news with interest. If oil and natural gas prices increase, successful investments could pay excellent rewards. Not everyone knows how to get involved with oil and natural gas investment endeavors. Recent publicity over “Freedom Checks” might provide the previously elusive information potential investors seek.

Billions upon billions of dollars in Freedom Checks shall go out to recipients. Confusion abounds about the origins of these checks. Common misconceptions center on the notions these checks come from a government program. That is incorrect. Freedom Checks reflect distributions from private investments in U.S. domestic oil and natural gas ventures. Specifically, these distributions come from Master Limited Partnership endeavors as defined under the law.

Many years ago, Congress passed laws intended to stimulate investor interest in domestic oil and natural gas. A typical legislative “sweetener” involves providing an industry with tax breaks. A reduction in taxes led to more Hollywood motion picture filming in states outside of California. Keeping the oil and natural gas industry in the U.S. can’t likely result from tax breaks alone. The energy sector relies heavily on private investment dollars.

Investors worry about seeing a return on their money. Under the law, Congress requires Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) to issue 90% of generated revenue to shareholders. Otherwise, an MLP loses its tax-free status. The distributions of revenue, called “Freedom Checks” by some, may total more than $34 billion in one month alone.

Not everyone will experience the same results with an oil and gas MLP investment. It would not hurt to try and learn more about these opportunities. Individual investors may find these opportunities worthwhile.

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Jim Toner Get Back Up After A Hard Fall

Jim Toner is no stranger to failure of making mistakes. In fact, these things are not foreign to anyone. The only difference between the average person and Jim Toner is in the way he reacts to certain kinds of situations. Most people give up after a few tries of achieving anything worthwhile. But Thomas Edison saw his two thousand attempts at creating the light bulb as discoveries on how not to do it instead of seeing the attempts as failure. Jim Toner is a similar individual.

Jim Toner has over a quarter of a century in the real estate investment business and he has been using that experience to help people. Unlike the so called “guru” that once stole his and his client’s money and basically ruined Jim’s life. Since then, Jim has bounced back and reclaimed his glory by means of success.

Jim Toner has written “Send in the Wolves” and it has gotten to be number one on Amazon. He has also been featured on FOX News National for his charitable contribution to the veterans of our country. He once was giving away debt free homes to many veterans. This alone shows the type of character that Jim Toner has. Many people can talk a good game, like many politicians, but very few actually back up their words with actions.

Jim Toner, a real estate investor, is the type of individual that actually cares for the people of the community and wants to see them succeed as much as they want to succeed. The idea of coaching and helping other people achieve financial independence came from a friend of his that made Jim realize that Jim was an actual real life Guru because of his life experiences in the world of real estate investing.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner knew that his friend was right. Although Jim initially refused his friend’s offer, he eventually agreed. He had been out of the real estate investment game ever since he got ripped off by a nationally known “guru”. Jim had vowed to never return to the game. But, like Simba, he came back with even more power than before. Follow Toner on Facebook.


How Does Infinity Group Australia Help The Normal Australian With Finances?

Infinity Group has helped normal Australians with their finances for many years, and they have shown these customers how to save money on loan products. There are many people who come to Infinity Group Australia because they are known for being trustworthy. They give customer service that makes life easier for everyone, and they have been given many awards for the innovative things they do with finances.


  1. What Was Their Most Recent Award?


The most recent award given to Infinity Group Australia was from the Australian Financial Review. The AFR gave them an award for the work that they have done making loans for regular Australians. Infinity Group Australia reviews show that the company offers great customer service, and they know how to solve the problems of their customers without forcing them into loans that are too expensive or complex.


  1. The Founders


Graeme Holt and Rebecca Walker founded the company because they wanted to fill a gap in the market. They believed that they could give their customers the best possible loan products for lower rates. They began originating their loans in a way that was beneficial to their clients, and they have always kept their rates low in conjunction with their mission as a company.


  1. They Serve All Of Australia


The Infinity Group team serves all of Australia, and they have done a very good job of informing their customers of their options. Customers who work with this company could work anywhere in Australia, and they are given the same courtesy when asking for assistance. The company has long worked with people in the far reaches of Australia, and they have many clients who simply could not get loans where they lived.


  1. Their Innovation Is Changing The Market


The innovation that is done by the team at Infinity Group Australia has changed how companies offer loans. There are many firms out there who have to change the way they do business. They must offer lower rates, and they must offer better terms on their loans. This makes a difference in how people shop for loans, and the companies they work with have been forced to give better customer care.


  1. Conclusion


The Infinity Group Australia team has been under the capable leadership of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker for many years, and the company has risen to new heights because of their expertise and creativity. Learn more :

HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Advice to Young People to Start Investing Early in Life

Retirement planning is one of the essential things that one has to think about. Even if it is essential, many people do not think about retirement until they are in their late 20s. By that time, they have lost time and money. HCR Wealth Advisors is a leading wealth management firm. The company offers customized investment advice to their clients who come from different backgrounds. They offer sound investment advice that would help their clients earn profits from their investments. People have different goals when it comes to their finances and to ensure that they are achieved, they may need the help of professionals.

HCR Wealth Advisors offers excellent tips to their clients for investment purposes. Those who invest early in life are the ones who enjoy enough wealth to enjoy ones they retire. Also, saving is essential since life can be quite unpredictable and one can face financial issues for different reasons. When a person has some amount of money set aside for an emergency, they do not have to depend on friends and families when times are hard. Also, they are able to secure the lives of their loved ones and ensure that they have everything they need till they can get back on their feet. Sometimes, it is not just about the difficult times; one has to make sure that their money is growing as in the future the value of money will keep on increasing.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) understands the requirement of the clients to offer them financial help. They check their current financial position and offer practical and achievable goals using different financial policies available in the market. They also help minimize the risks involved. When young people start to invest early, they understand the importance of money and can control their expenditure. Since they do not have too much necessary expenditure when they are young, they are also able to save more. It can help them grow their money within a matter of years, and by continuously investing the profits, they are able to earn more than they would if they invest later on in life.

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Inspiring Others With Success Stories like Vijay Eswaran

Many people want to become an entrepreneur and achieve a huge goal. However, there is one question that people have to answer. They have to figure out what they are going to do when they get there. Many people who succeed at what they do tend to do one of the following things. They either retire, try to expand, or share their stories with others in order to inspire people to move forward. Vijay Eswaran has decided that he is going to inspire other people to move forward with their goals or any type of objective in their lives.

Fortunately, Vijay Eswaran is very thoughtful in his message. He has taken a look at where he has started and has thought in detail about the journey he has gone on in order to get to where he is now as the business owner of the QI Group. He has also shared his challenges and frustrations with plenty of people so that they will not get discouraged if they run into some obstacles. For one thing, there are plenty of obstacles that come in unlimited shapes and sizes. With Vijay’s example, people will not only continue to push forward with their goals, but also figure out ways to overcome their obstacles so that they will be able to move on to the next goal.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle that Vijay Eswaran has had to overcome was himself. He has had to change his type of thinking and look within to build some new values that are more suitable to bigger goals such as running a huge philanthropic enterprise. With QI Group, his whole purpose was to inspire people to make positive changes not just for themselves, but for others as well. There is a deep sense of fulfillment that comes with being able to provide for others successfully.

Ryan Seacrest On How He Makes It All Happen Seamlessly

Well known entertainment pro and businessman extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest is a busy guy and the most hard working individual in Hollywood. He got his start on American Idol as a host and the creator of The Kardashian TV show. According to GQ,  since then Mr. Seacrest has really branched out and has created an empire for himself. Since then he created a long running nationally syndicated radio show called On Air with Ryan, created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for kids who want to be involved in anything entertainment and arts, and recently joined another very popular TV host on Live with Kelly and Ryan. He even interviews the biggest stars E! News red carpet events.

How does this celebrity man do it all? Well, he works very efficiency and fast. This is what makes it all happen. He multitasks and works like he is solving a puzzle, a very complex one. Right now Ryan Seacrest has about nine to ten jobs, a huge amount for one person. This required him to get a really early start on the day at 5am to 5:15am. Ryan will get some tea and coffee, and then head to the radio show by 6am. According to, he tries to get a good workout in several times a week when he has the time, but it always changes when he does work out. Mr. Seacrest really stays on top of things, so they don’t slip away. This includes reading emails and responding to them right after. Then they are taken care of and he doesn’t have to think about them anymore.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) attributes his impatience to how he can get everything done. For instance, he does not take a lunch break, but instead works. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t eat lunch, he just does it on the go. As for the legacy he wants to leave the world as a friend on TV and radio shows so you can sit back and enjoy your experience. Some of his mentors and people Ryan looked up to are Larry King, Merv Griffin, and Dick Clark. They made their jobs as entertainers seem so effortless and easy. That is the legacy Ryan Seacrest wants to leave.


Talos Energy Is Loaded With Talented Executives Who Are Steering It Towards Success

Independent gas and oil companies must be held together with solid leadership and a spread of assets. Talos Energy has both of these things and has the ability to remain flexible and innovative compared to larger gas and oil companies, which fracture their leadership and spread out the workload among a group of isolated workers. A grasp of the workings behind the E&P sector along with an understanding of finances is a must in the sector, and Talos manages to have both of these. Talos Energy was co-founded in 2012 by Tim Duncan who is known as an “oil man” who has been working in the industry for many years.

He studied at Mississippi State University where he majored in petroleum engineering and was honored as a Distinguished Fellow of the College of Engineering in 2012. He continued his education at the University of Houston where he earned an MBA in its Bauer Executive Program. Duncan served the Phoenix Exploration Company as its senior vice president of business development for five years and was a large part of its successful sale to the Apache Corporation. Tim Duncan then moved on to Talos Energy and took his team with him. He is known for making risky projects work out and gives credit to his team where credit is due.

Talos Energy has received plenty of praise and awards, and one of these was being named as the #1 Top Workplace in the Houston area for companies under 150 employees by the Houston Chronicle. Tim Duncan was pointed out as being the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Energy & Energy Services sector in the Gulf Coast area.Stephen Heitzman is another Talos Energy co-founder and serves as the company’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. He is a large part of the company’s daily operations and draws on four decades of expertise in the upstream energy sector. John A. Parker is also a co-founder of Talos Energy and is the company’s executive vice president of exploration. He attended the University of New Orleans and Louisiana State University and received a Master’s of Science in earth science along the way.