Richard Liu Qiangdong Business and Professional Profile

Richard Liu Qiangdong had always had an intrinsic desire to be great. When he began his elementary education, he was focused enough to excel in academic as that was the only opportunity to break even in life. He was raised up in a humble background and saw his family struggle to make ends meet. Part of his childhood. he was nurtured by his grandmother who was ailing and could have had any money for her medications.

When Liu Qiangdong was at school he worked hard and hoped that someday, he would break the poverty circle in his family. He passed exemplary well, however, unlike his peer who flew abroad for tertiary education, Richard Liu did not have that opportunity even when it was presented to him; money was his biggest hindrance. All the same, he got an admission at Renmin University in China.

It is while at the university that his star began to shine. He established some entrepreneurial ventures, a catering business followed by a health care store, and a shop selling computer accessories. Unfortunately, these businesses shut down not long after inception. His major loss as projected was after the SARS epidemic that rendered the computer parts he sold outdated. However, to push sales he resorted to selling these and other products online as the business was set for closure. This was a blessing in disguise as it later birthed the, a popular e-commerce platform in China and one of the largest retailer which many line products.

About Richard Liu Qiangdong

He is the founder of This is a platform that has brought a needed shift in how business operations are done. It has a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, high-quality goods, brought inconvenience and timeliness when making purchases. It allows customers around the country to buy goods and have them delivered at their location without necessarily having to make the physical movement.

Speaking at the world economic forum, Richard Liu explained how the business has an elaborate structure that guides on how activities are run. This company has expanded and grown with interest to move in the Middle East. Apparently, it’s worth more than US$37 billion and trading at the stock exchange.


Sujit Choudhry Seeks Peaceful Resolution for Catalan

Constitutional law scholar, and I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at U.C. Berkeley, Sujit Choudhry, recently discussed his views regarding Catalonia’s wish to secede from Spain, in an open letter. In the letter, which was co-authored by Sujit Choudhry, along with several other law scholars, insisted that the governments of both, Catalonia and Spain, engage in dialogue, in an effort to quell the ongoing crisis. In an appeal to President Carles Puigdemont, he asked that the Catalan President express his full commitment to secede from Spain by organizing a referendum, feeling that this would be the most appropriate method of confirming the will of the people. Sujit Choudhry and his contemporaries also appealed to the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, asking that he adopt an open-minded approach regarding Catalonia’s desire to secede, and discontinue any suppression methods that might hinder a peaceful resolution. In Choudhry’s opinion, a referendum is necessary, as it would help reflect the fact that the Catalan peoples’ road to secession, is not a straight path, but the process does present a number of issues to the constitutional order of Spain.

In October of 2017, Spain resorted to drastic measures in its response to the strides regarding the situation in Catalonia, read ( Violence erupted in an effort to stop the proposed referendum, causing tensions to rise considerably, yet, it did not reach the levels of times past. In response, President Puigdemont decided to postpone Catalonia’s declaration of secession, choosing, instead, to continue talks with Prime Minister Rajoy, in hopes of reaching an agreeable solution, see ( In light of this decision, Sujit Choudhry suggested that President Puigdemont should also be more forthcoming regarding the views of the Catalan people, as a large number of people have openly expressed doubt regarding an independent future, and some have expressed absolute contempt for the possibility. Although these numbers remain in the minority, Sujit Choudhry believes that the will of the entire population should be considered due to the significance of a possible secession. While Choudhry and his fellow scholars were clear in their belief that voter turnout was suppressed, other, less-radical proceedings should be considered by President Puigdemont, find out more information on

Robert Ivy: How Do You Benefit By Joining A Professional Association Like AIA?

Robert Ivy has dedicated his life to spreading architectural awareness across the globe. He started off as an editor in chief for Architectural Record before being named Vice President and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media which publishes architectural journals.

He is currently the chairman and chief executive officer for American Institute of Architects and has played a key role in helping the organization hit record memberships. By encouraging architects to join AIA, Robert argues that they stand to benefit from:

Expanded networks

Like most other professional associations, Robert Ivy and the AIA management team are regularly organizing annual meetings and conferences. These bring together all the registered architects from across the country. Apart from coming up to speed with current industry developments, the attendees get to interact with one another. This, according to Robert, presents these professionals with a unique opportunity to grow their networks.

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More job opportunities

How do businesses, governmental agencies, and even individuals advertise for architectural career openings and contract jobs? Through print media as well as the professional organizations. By joining the American Institution of Architects, a professional is, therefore, exposed to a larger job market through the internally advertised job openings. The networks gained here also come in handy in informing professionals of job and contract openings as soon as they become available.

Expanded industry knowledge

Such professional associations as AIA are actively involved in setting industry standards. They are involved in setting syllabuses for training new architects and evaluating standard architectural operations. More importantly, Robert Ivy mentions that they are constantly conducting market research that comes in handy in helping professionals understand emerging trends and possible disruptions. Maintaining a membership with such institutions and keeping up to date with their research helps you understand the industry trends and learn how to take advantage of them.

More about Robert Ivy

Robert’s dedication to spreading architectural awareness has earned national recognition and several awards. Most recently, he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, making him the only architect to receive the award in the 21st century.