Success Academy Creates A Free Online Education Platform

Success Academy has launched a new online education platform. The New York City-based charter school network will use the platform to distribute curriculum materials to teachers and students across the United States. This move is seen as a great step towards enabling the charter school to provide quality education to all American children.

Although Success Academy is only 10 years old, the network has been able to increase the number of students under its umbrella to over 14,000. This makes it one of the largest charter school networks in America. Over the years, the number of schools under the network has been increased from one to 41 schools that cater for students from New York City.

Recently, Eva Moskowitz launched an innovative online platform dubbed “Success Academy Education Institute.” Different leaders of Success Academy attended the event. Moskowitz is the network’s founder and chief executive officer. She has played a pivotal role in enhancing its growth.

Speaking during the launch, Moskowitz said she was disheartened by the high number of students trapped in schools that do not provide them with quality education needed for their future success. The outspoken former Democratic New York City council member added that the creation of the Education Institute would help in hastening the process of liberating such children. The platform will contain education material that other teachers and schools could access freely.

Success Academy has a record of accomplishment in closing the achievement gap. Recently, the school network won $250 Broad Prize for its success in providing students of color with quality schools.

The network will use the money to offer college readiness programs to its students. The program will include campus visits and scholarships.

Presently, the online platform is offering Success Academy’s literacy curriculum from kindergarten level to the fourth grade. The school plans to expand the quantity of materials offered in the process. Besides expanding the free online portal, the school also plans to establish a teacher-training facility at Hudson Yards, Manhattan. Teachers who sign up for the training will attend conferences, workshops, and in-person training sessions at the Manhattan facility. The institution continues to attract many disadvantaged students for the few available positions.