The Expert Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru together with Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet founded the Sweet green in 2007. The three partners studied business at the prestigious Georgetown University. Nathaniel Ru has employed over 3500 employees at the Sweet green restaurant. The company has specialized in serving salads and it has open 77 stores in the United States. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The inability of Nathaniel Ru to find good places that were healthy for them to eat while in college enabled them to start the Sweet green business. The company became famous and was lucrative after a period of six years. Nathaniel revealed these ideas during the marketing conference that was held in Wharton. Nathaniel was speaking on the title involving marketing.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends were persistent in convincing the landlord for the apartment they rented next to allow them to begin their business. This was only achieved after meeting face to face with her. The entrepreneurs had already drafted a business plan that enabled them to take charge of the business.

The landlord was instrumental in helping the three young entrepreneurs. She convinced them to look for an architect who would aid them in drafting a good plan. The three individuals only took only three weeks before getting one. The choice of the restaurant’s name was used in marketing the company.

Nathaniel insists that all its stores have to follow the preferred goals that have been set by the company. The community which the company serves has to contend with the company’s services. The restaurant’s kitchen contains all the five company rules. The rules have to be adhered with carefully.

The decisions that are made in the company are only agreed after following the rules. The company, community and the customers have to benefit from the organization. Nathaniel insists that an individual’s win in a company is the general company’s win. Nathaniel Ru insists that individuals have to make decisions that last longer. These long-term decisions normally propel the company to success.

Nathaniel Ru insists that business organizations have to be real in their endeavors. The way food products are handled by the company and the source of obtaining the food products has to be authentic.

Nathaniel states that if the customers are accorded the best services by the employees, the company will grow by the customers informing other individuals of the good ventures.