Why EOS Lip Balm Is A Company On The Rise

Millions of women use lip products. This statistic caught the attention of EOS founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. Teller and Mehra wanted to create something that was exciting and healthy at the same time.

Teller and Mehra researched most of the available products to find out what they could do to help their company stand out from their peers. Teller decided that each EOS lip balm container would be shaped like an egg, which would make it flexible enough to fit anywhere.

Finding Investors

When Mehra and Teller began creating concepts for EOS, they sought out investors who would not only help provide funding, but important advice on how to make the company grow. Teller decided to focus on creating a design that would be visually appealing.

Product Launch

Teller and Mehra found distributors throughout the World who were interested in selling EOS products. Teller and Mehra have been able to put money back into their company to continue making improvements to the brand.

EOS has been available in stores for over five years now. Magazine editors have given EOS great reviews, while many celebrities have endorsed the product. EOS has begun making products for older women. Teller and Mehra have been selective with their marketing efforts, instead choosing to put their products in as many stores as possible. Teller and Mehra want consumers to build a special bond with their products. The future appears bright for EOS, as they are projected to earn millions of dollars in revenue over the next few years.