OSI Group is McDonalds Supplier and Biggest Foods Company Globally

OSI Group McDonalds is ranked number 63 on the Forbes list of wealthiest private companies, with an annual income of 6.1 billion dollars. They are a holding company with subsidiary companies throughout Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. Right now OSI Group McDonalds has Sheldon Lavin as its CEO and leader, who left the world of finance in order to shape the small Otto and Sons German meat producers into a company which can keep pace with the Fortune 500 food giant McDonald’s. OSI Group McDonalds under Lavin’s leadership has won many awards, including the UK Safety Council’s “Globe of Honor Award”, the “California Green Business” certificate, and the North American Meat Institution’s “Environmental Award”. All of this comes at the heels of massive growth and success since 1975 when Sheldon joined the company. Otto and Sons were the first to invest in freeze-dry technology which allowed them to keep pace with McDonald’s, but it has not been until recently that OSI Group McDonalds has focused heavily on sustainable initiatives for employees and environments to gain more support of the people.

CEO Sheldon Lavin is not only a great businessman but a great philanthropist who recently won the RSM US awards for Chicago-based philanthropists. He is an active contributor to the Jewish United Fund, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the Boys & Girls Club, The United Negro College Fund, The Goodman Theatre, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The company’s approach to business is not on like their approach to philanthropy: it is a family first approach, with over 20,000 employees in 17 different countries and 65 different facility locations. On top of all of this, Sheldon Lavin is an avid supporter of the Ronald McDonald House which gives medical assistance free of charge to children in need suffering terrible diseases such as cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, and others.


Success Story Of Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a fearless starter, as seen in the establishment Sweetgreen, where he is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO. Having been born in Pasadena, Nathaniel is a graduate of Georgetown University and holds a degree in Finance. This educational background triggered his innovative nature, leading to his recognition in the food industry.These recognitions include; ‘Under the 50 most innovative companies’, and ‘the Forbes 30 under 30 ‘ among other coveted accolades.


Nathaniel in Sweetgreen

At a young age, Nathaniel developed a passion in design. He has utilized this passion by acting as a creative director in Sweetgreen restaurant. This is a healthy seasonal food restaurant, that he and two friends established in 2007.


Establishment of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen started as an idea from Nathaniel, and two friends from Georgetown University, whose desires were to eat from a healthy fun and easy place. In addition, they wanted a pocket-friendly zone, which was eco-friendly. Sweetgreen serves natural salads, and frozen yogurt, made from locally available ingredients from the local farmers. These services have seen it grow to 27 locations in six states.


The eatery has branches in major towns such as Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and New York.

Nathaniel and the founders will stop at nothing when it comes to innovation. They have key initiatives in technology by incorporating an app by name the sweet green app.


Sweet Life Festival

After the launch of the Sweetgreen restaurant, there were no customers. In order to incorporate fun in the founders decided to establish a music festival by name sweet life. This festival is a celebration held once in a year by the community. It’s a way of bringing the restaurant’s passion, and purpose in blending music, and the culinary work. In order to incorporate fun in the founders decided to establish a music festival by name sweet life The festival help enhance the sustainability and commitment of the restaurant to its customers.


How Sweetgreen Thrives

The founders are ambitious and energetic men who have purpose driven goals. The brand thrives on the values the founders have placed in every kitchen. These core values are the same at every location. They include;


  • Sustainability-this is where the decision the founders make should help the company in future
  • Authenticity-the company believes that from the source of food for the workers’, everything should be real and of the right quality.


In addition, Nathaniel is a strong believer in teamwork, which he attributes to better performance of the company. He believes that by treating the workers right, the favor is returned to the customers. Moreover investing in the local community has helped the national brand open with over 48 shops on the East Coast.


Nathaniel success story with Sweetgreen is an indication that we are living in innovative times, where the young should seek opportunities around them.


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