The Dissection of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo T. Chua is a man who traces his rich family background in the Philippines. Besides, he is one individual that has dominated multi-level marketing for more than a decade and experienced a lot of success in the process. Bernardo is not only proficient in Filipino but also in the English language.

To this end, he has had the advantage of getting employment opportunities in Gano Excel Philippines, Gano Excel International, and Gano Excel USA. Apart from helping create Gano Excel Philippines, he has also been instrumental in the founding of Organo Gold, a company that he works in as the Chief Executive Officer.

In a nine-year time frame, Chua has been able to create a robust brand out of Organo Gold. His excellent management, marketing, and networking skills are what have facilitated Bernardo’s success in multi-level marketing.

Other skills under Chua’s sleeves include product development, strategic planning, leadership development, business planning, and competitive analysis just to mention but a few. Of his many accomplishments, his initial success has come about in Organo Gold. It is only recently that the company expanded its reach to Turkey, a sign that it has a proper management structure.

Due to his exemplary work, Bernardo Chua has also been able to be rewarded in equal measure. It is in 2015 that he and his team got five awards while in the Philippines.

PR Newswire has it that Bernardo Chua received an honorary award as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur due to his unmatched managerial streak. Also, he has been able through the years to inspire young people in the Philippines to build successful lives.

Besides, Bernardo Chua specializes in products much able to boost human health. Organo Gold produces a coffee brand that has the potential to nurture people’s health.

Thus, many people in Turkey prefer to use items coming from Organo Gold as opposed to those from other institutions. Organo Gold boasts of high sales since it specializes in the sale of goods on a wholesale basis. Also, the company can reach more clients since it has recruited people from all over the world to sell its items.

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