Preston Smith of Rocketship Education Explains the NRP Negated Report

In 2013, Preston Smith was named the CEO of Rocketship Education. As the co-founder of the school, he has been instrumental in guiding the board of directors, teachers, and scholars throughout their course of study. Until now, he has been nothing but supportive of the education system. Even with that in mind, Preston is still addressing some challenges regarding the manner in which the system is controlled. For instance, in a recent report by NRP, Preston was dumbfounded to read about his school providing rigorous learning systems for young scholars. As a matter of fact, most parents of the same students raised alarming questions that propelled him to issue a report in regards to these accusations. Here is a brief review of some of the highlighted points in the report;

The NRP Report

According to NRP, a news commentary that disseminates critical news on different subjects, Rocketship Education is overly strict with its students. As the publisher puts it, students are somewhat grilled to take difficult tests. The report goes on to shed more light on the internal practices of the school. For instance, at Rocketship Education, the exams are not fairly set to challenge student’s IQ but make them accustomed to cramming numerous segments prior to the tests. Blogger Anya Kamenetz goes on to write that the long hours of studying and tight discipline create an unpleasant learning environment for students. Even if they are willing to take up more lessons and perhaps tuition, it becomes a challenging because of the environment.

Preston Smith’s Sentiments

Over the past few years, Rocketship Education has adopted a tech –model of education. Later in the years, they realized that they would need to change the model. This has also been a concern to the public. Now that NRP has issued a negative report, Smith is here to disregard it by addressing it in a few points;

The Review

For starters, he asks why the school has retained about 95% of the attendees even with the negated report. Then, he also questions why the scholar’s parents are still allowing their children to attend the same school. In essence, if things were as bad as the NRP reporter paints it, the school would be empty as of now.