Kim Dao Is a Tireless Blogger for Fashion, Travel, Makeup and Culture

Kim Dao has made a name for herself as a prominent media influencer. Her blogging has created quite a following on YouTube. Kim Dao has worked to advance numerous brands and has a passion for travel, makeup, culture, and fashion. Kim Dao studied Japanese and psychology and is a native of Australia. She earned her degree from the University of Western Australia. However, she did not start out with an intent to blog. It started after she documented her first visit to Japan in 2011.


Her success results from a pure passion to share her experiences. Writing about her visit quickly caught on, and she decided to include information about makeup, travel and pop culture. Her readership grew and she decided to enhance her personal brand by creating YouTube videos. She became an influences, and brands are always willing to promote someone who will provide exposure for their products or services.


Kim Dao professional collaborations include Japanese television outlets along with media organizations in Australia. For anyone who has attempted to create a blog, they know there is no one pathway to success. The main ingredient has to be passion for a subject or cause. She starts her day by communicating with her followers and network. They express what they would like to see, read, or hear on a blog post or a video. This makes it a cinch for her to plan her days and weeks. Learn more:


Kim Dao is a success story. Success can happen even without a major plan. She is proof that with enough dedication and commitment anything is possible. In the meantime, her business success continues to grow. People will always love travel and fashion. Learn more here: